Thanks for visiting my page. I am sure you can look at these pictures and think many things but I can tell you I didn't always look like this and more importantly I didn't always feel this good. I was a stay at home mom at one time, a retired 4th grade teacher who was starting to believe her best days were behind her rather than in front of her. When I turned 40, I began to run and even ran my first half marathon, started taking boot camp classes and even became a certified pilates instructor.
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Fitness and Health

Kim Lima

As a coach my services are free. A free coach? Yes! The first step is to have a consultation where we talk about your fitness and health goals. When we talk, either by email or phone, I will ask you many questions regarding what your goals are, what your why for achieving them and what things you have tried in the past that may have been successful and unsuccessful for you. I need to know this information because it helps me recommend the programs and supplements that I believe will help you achieve those goals.

Once we have decided what would be the best course for you to take, I will send you a link to purchase the items that I have recommended. The products I work with are produced by Beachbody and I am an independent Team Beachbody coach for them. I help you as your coach get the most out of these programs and assist you with my own personal experiences and knowledge base.

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