Kim Lima aka Chickfitkim

Kim Lima Thanks for visiting my page. I am sure you can look at these pictures and think many things but I can tell you I didn't always look like this and more importantly I didn't always feel this good. I was a stay at home mom at one time, a retired 4th grade teacher who was starting to believe her best days were behind her rather than in front of her. When I turned 40, I began to run and even ran my first half marathon, started taking boot camp classes and even became a certified pilates instructor. There was just a few problems. The biggest one being that I was immensely tired. I swear 3pm would roll around and I would put a video on for my young boys because I HAD to lie down and rest. Despite my two hour workouts I couldn't lose any weight and I started gaining a belly something I never seemed to have an issue with in the past. Needless to say, I felt like a failure. I mean WHY couldn't I lose weight? I noticed it began to affect my psyche.

It was only when my mom was diagnosed with cancer that I began to really start looking at the issue as not just a weight issue but a quality of life issue. I watched as my mom, who was such a heathy woman, battle breast cancer with chemotherapy and radiation. It dawned on me that as mother who had her children late in life that I if I wanted to be around for them and truly be the mother I wanted to be for them that I needed to fix my health not just my dress size.

My past was filled was failure in my eyes. I was the lady who never got past Wednesday in a workout and a diet. I battled bulimia since I was 16 years old. I just could never do the things I needed to do to both be happy and feel good about myself. It was only through a random social media post by my coach, Danielle Katz, that I was drawn to her smile. She seemed happy and loved what she was doing which was coaching women via online "challenge groups". I happen to let her know I was doing Insanity and she invited me to her group. When she suggested Shakeology I was beyond skeptical both in price and the health benefits I would be receiving form drinking it everyday. But, I relented and began drinking the shake and participating in the group. I remember it was Day 10 (btw the longest time I have ever consistently exercised) and realized that at 3pm I wasn't falling asleep but taking the boys outside to play. I remember posting "Hey does this stuff give you energy because I am not falling asleep right now!"

Within a month of participating in the group, drinking a shake and working out I had managed to lose ten pounds and started sprouting my first six pack at 41 years old!! I also noticed that I began to crave healthy foods. My binge episodes at night had all but disappeared. My weekly candy bar habit was gone and I noticed I wasn't eating my sons' left overs.

Kim Lima

With this confidence in my new body and energy I began to be interested in learning more about health and nutrition especially when it came to women over 40. I started ADDING in more calories and researching anti-inflammatory foods and adjusting my diet as I went along. I finally got the nerve to begin doing for others what my coach had done for me, give me hope and a way to find my best self.

It's interesting how becoming a coach made me more accountable to my own fitness and health goals. Every day for the last two years I have checked into an online group. My bulimia has been put to rest as I have not had an episode in over two years. I also found increased quality of life. I have not had so much as a cold in two years. Through my energy and vitality been able to become CEO of my own business and grow a six figure business in two years. I truly have enjoyed my journey and love bringing new women along with me. I hope this page inspires you to never give up and never expect anything less of yourself.

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